NPG Quick-ConnectTM cable gland for flexible cable and portable cord

Quick-ConnectTM - Fittings and Conduit Systems

The NPG Quick-Connect cable gland is the ideal solution for panel builders and volume installers because it is quick and easy to install. The ease of installation comes with no reduction in performance.

  • Fast and easy install
  • Single-piece design, no locknut or O-rings required
  • Suitable for use with flexible cables and portable cord
  • Rated IP 66 and IP 68
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Halogen-free, flame-retardant nylon
  • Low internal profile

See table below for selecting part number and for finding NPG Quick-Connect cable glands online.

NPG Quick-Connect cable gland, the perfect fitting for panels and equipment boxes

Tired of lock nuts that fall on the ground or that grip a little crooked. The well-thought-out design of ABB NPG Quick-Connect cable glands solves this problem for you. It snaps into place. And all that’s required is to screw it down from the outside. ABB NPG Quick-Connect cable glands will save you time and effort!

ABB NPG Quick-Connect fittings meet all the applicable standards:

  • NEMA 250 Type 4x
  • IP66 and IP68
  • UL listed
  • UL recognized
  • CE
  • LVD
  • RoHS.

Its halogen-free fire-resistant nylon body can withstand temperatures ranging from -20oC to 100oC (or -4oF to 212oF).

ABB NPG Quick-Connect cable glands fit securely in holes with nominal diameter 3/8 in, 1/2 in, 3/4 in and 1 in. Should you need to remove it, you will be able to do so with its dedicated removal tool.

Snap into something better with ABB NPG Quick-Connect!

The cable gland favored by panel builders, OEMs, and installers

''The NPG Quick-Connect cable glands are very much liked by panel builders, OEMs, and installers. Compared to conventional cable glands, they are much faster and easier to install, and they comply with every major standard. Try them out, you’ll be glad you did.''

Richard Aumais, Sales representative (OEM market) at ABB

ABB NPG Quick-Connect cable glands part numbers

Select the NPG Quick-Connect fittings part numbers that are right for you and find where to find them online:

Trade sizeColourFind online now!
cURus3/8 inBlackNPG-0381B
Light grayNPG-0381LG
1/2 inBlackNPG-0501B
Light grayNPG-0501LG
cULus1/2 inBlackNPG-0502B
Light grayNPG-0502LG
3/4 inBlackNPG-0751B
Light grayNPG-0751LG
1 inBlackNPG-1001B
Light grayNPG-1001LG
Removal tool*3/8 inLight grayNPG-038-RT
1/2 inNPG-050-RT
3/4 inNPG-075-RT
1 inNPG-100-RT

*One removal tool is included with each inner package.

With the NPG Quick-Connect cable glands, snap into something better!

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