Shrink-KonTM insulation products are designed to be easy to use and provide the appropriate protection against moisture, corrosion and abrasion to connections and terminations. Product offering includes heavy wall heat-shrinkable tubing, end cap and breakout boots, medium wall and thin wall heat-shrinkable tubing, H-tap and splice covers and self-fusing insulation tape.

Features & Benefits

Shrink-Kon™ Heat Shrink Insulation Products
Provide durable protection against moisture, corrosion and abrasion. Cover a full range of wire sizes from #46 AWG to 2500 kcmil. Thin wall tubing available in 8 different colors, including clear and can be ordered in different lengths.

Shrink-Kon Self-Fusing insulation tape
The self-fusing tape is a quick and easy-to-install product and does not require heat or adhesive. Simply stretch and wrap along the center line to create protection of the connection against moisture, and corrosion and create dielectric seal.

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