Teck and Tray Cable Fittings


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August 21, 2020
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  • A4 The Whole Family
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  • A6 Specifications
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  • A8 Hazardous locations - CEC classifications
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  • A12 Hazardous locations – Class, zone and division certifications
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  • A13 Quick reference
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  • A14 Star Teck (ST) series fittings for Teck and ACWU cable
    Missing File: star-teck-st-series-fittings-for-teck-and-acwu-cable.pdf
  • A16 Star Teck XP (STX) hazardous location series fittings for Teck cable
    Missing File: star-teck-xp-stx-hazardous-location-series-fittings-for-teck-cable.pdf
  • A18 Star Teck Extreme (STE) series fittings for Teck cable and ACWU cable
    Missing File: star-teck-extreme-ste-series-fittings-for-teck-cable-and-acwu-cable.pdf
  • A21 Star Teck Extreme XP (STEX) hazardous location series fittings for Teck cable
    Missing File: star-teck-extreme-xp-stex-hazardous-location-series-fittings-for-teck-cable.pdf
  • A25 Star Teck ST90 series – 90-degree Teck fittings
    Missing File: star-teck-90-degree-fittings.pdf
  • A26 Bond Star grounding locknut
    Missing File: bond-star-grounding-locknut.pdf
  • A28 10464 Series watertight fittings for ACWU cable
    Missing File: 10464-series-watertight-fittings-acwu.pdf
  • A29 90˚ Watertight and non-watertight fittings
    Missing File: 90-watertight-fittings-and-non-watertight-teck-cable-fittings.pdf
  • A30 Tray Star HLT series hazardous location fittings for tray cable
    Missing File: tray-star-hlt-series-hazardous-location-fittings-for-tray-cable.pdf
  • A32 Silver Grip® – TCF series tray-cord fitting
    Missing File: Silver-Grip-TCF-series-tray-cord-fitting.pdf
  • A34 Accessories
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