C8SR50-P Series

The Emergi-Lite C8SR50 Series LED exit sign has a power pack unit with its own charger and rechargeable battery. The exit housing and faceplate are constructed of rugged extruded aluminum. An LED-sensitive diffuser is mounted behind the legend to provide the 6’’ high by ¾’ stroke letters with even illumination. The unit is designed to provide exit illumination from the normal AC source.

When a power failure occurs, the mounted heads and the exit sign are illuminated in emergency mode for a minimum of 30 minutes. The power pack is supplied with a test switch and a high charge pilot light, and is available as 18, 36 or 72 watts. The lamp heads do not require tools to adjust and aim.


  • Rugged extruded aluminum housing with a maximum depth of 2-1/2”
  • Extruded aluminum faceplate
  • White finish standard
  • Standard field-selectable knockout chevrons
  • Long life, energy efficient LED light source, mounted inside the exit housing, not on the faceplate
  • AllnGaP technology LED
  • NEXUS® compatible (for more information on NEXUS®, please consult your sales representative)
  • Completely self-contained unit with rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery
  • Lamp heads require no tools to adjust or aim
  • CSA certified, meets or exceeds C860 requirements

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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