C8SR10 Series

The C8SR10 Series LED exit sign is suitable for wall, end, or ceiling mounting. The one-piece steel construction frame and supplied faceplates come with standard knockout chevrons. The light source is from light-emitting diodes (LED) which provide illumination in normal and emergency operation and are mounted inside the exit housing, not on the face.

The exit sign in a self-powered configuration stays illuminated during emergency operation for at least 60 minutes upon AC failure.


  • Metal construction using Canadian cold-rolled steel with baked enamel finish – will not yellow
  • Metal legend panel with red letter panel
  • Universal mounting – end, wall or ceiling
  • Easy access to wiring entry for all mounting options
  • Canopy mounting system designed specifically for ease of installation
  • Standard field-selectable directional knockout chevrons
  • Long life, energy efficient AllnGaP technology light source
  • Energy efficient – consumes less than 3 watts
  • Normal AC and emergency DC operation – 120V to 347Vac and 6V to 24Vdc input
  • CSA certified, meets or exceeds C860 requirements

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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