LPSR300 Series

The LPSR300 Series LED exit sign consists of a combined, extruded aluminum body/faceplate with a maximum depth of 1-1/4’’. The exit sign also includes extruded aluminum end caps c/w gaskets in order to provide protection to the internal components and eliminate any possible light leaks.

The exit sign shall be either single or double-faced as shown on the drawings. The faceplate is of a stencil design and incorporating 6’’ high letters with a ¾’ stroke. The canopy fastens to the exit body for ease of installation in either ceiling or end to wall mount.

The fixture contains a long life LED light source consisting of separate AC and DC. The exit sign in a self-powered configuration shall be equipped with a Nickel-Cadmium battery and stays illuminated during emergency operation for at least two (2) hours upon AC failure.


  • Thin profile, two-piece extruded aluminum housing, simply slides together
  • Mounting to be pre-specified
  • Standard field-selectable directional knockout chevrons
  • Indirect refractive lighting technology provides bright, even illumination
  • Long life, energy efficient AllnGaP LED light source
  • Energy efficient: consumes less than 3.5 watts
  • Normal AC and emergency DC operation – 120/277/347Vac and 6V to 24Vdc input
  • CSA certified, meets or exceeds C860 requirements

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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