C8SR3 Series

The Emergi-LiteĀ® C8SR3 Series LED is a slim-profile edge-lit exit sign. The housing is made of extruded aluminum with a textured finish. The canopy is fabricated from cast aluminum and allow for ceiling, wall, or end mount installation. The light source consists of 14 (fourteen) long life LEDs installed on a luminous PCB strip.

The unit is equipped with stick-on translucent directional chevrons, to be installed in the field as required by the Code. The exit sign in a self-powered configuration is equipped with sealed Nickel-Cadmium batteries. Upon AC failure, the self-powered exit sign shall provide a minimum of 90 minutes of emergency illumination.


  • Extruded aluminum housing
  • Slim-profile cast aluminum canopy
  • Universal mounting: wall, ceiling or end mount Click-to-open housing door allows easy access to the panel and electrical wiring
  • Acrylic panel with curved contour
  • Stick on directional chevrons, easy to add on
  • Simple, two-wire universal input (120V to 347Vac 60Hz, 6V to 24Vdc) prevents installation errors
  • Long life, maintenance-free, AllnGaP LED light source
  • Energy efficient
  • Self-powered models provide 90 minutes of emergency illumination
  • CSA certified, meets or exceeds C860-07 requirements

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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