Mini Retract-a-Lite Series

The Mini Retract-a-Lite form Emergi-Lite is specially designed for retrofitting applications. In normal conditions (stand-by) the unit is completely concealed in the wall. In case of power failure the door of the unit flips 180° and exposes two high-efficiency MR16 lamps to illuminate the path of egress. At the end of the discharge, the lights turn off and the door closes. For more information, please view the Mini Retract-a-Lite video.


  • Easy to retrofit in finished walls: the unit slides in through an 8.25-in by 5.75-in hole, open next to a wall stud
  • No pre-installed back box
  • Output: 12Vdc with up to 100 watts of power
  • Direct connection to 120 or 347Vac power generators
  • Emergency lights: MR16 halogen lamps; power range from 12 to 50 Watts
  • Certification: CSA C22.2 No.50

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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