Survive-All NXM Series

Impressive, state-of-the-art illumination for architectural, commercial and industrial applications The Survive-All™ NXM Series battery unit sets a new standard for center-to-center path of egress illumination, lighting an egress path up to 70-feet wide and 3-feet long. Visually appealing, the Survive-All battery unit is designed for use in commercial and industrial environments where humidity, dust, water infiltration and the risk of vandalism are specification criteria.


  • Standard
  • Fully gasketed cast aluminum back plate with clear polycarbonate cover – NEMA-4X Certified
  • NSF Certified for food processing plants
  • Comes standard with non-audible advanced diagnostic charger board, 15 minute time delay and lamp disconnect
  • Audible warning and time delay functions can be enabled or disabled during installation
  • Micro-controller diagnostic system tests, detects and indicates battery, charger circuitry or MR16 lamp failures
  • Non intrusive magnetic test switch
  • Long-life, maintenance free sealed lead acid battery
  • 1/2” rigid conduit entry on top and back
  • Can be installed on 4-inch junction boxes
  • Comes standard with tamper-proof screws and bit
  • Cold weather option (-40°C)
  • Also available as a remote fixture. Please refer to “Remote Fixture” section, Survive-All EF39 Series.

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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