Retract-a-Lite Series Battery Unit

The new Retract-a-Lite Series by Emergi-lite goes virtually undetected blending into any environment. When the AC fails and the lights go out, the Retract-a-Lite emerges, illuminating the path to safety.


  • Door flips 180° when AC fails
  • Fully automatic operation – brown-out sensitive transfer circuit automatically goes to emergency lighting mode and, when the power is restored or at the end of battery discharge, the motor turns the door back in it’s original closed mode.
  • Impressive Charger – fast and automatic recharge, micro-controller driven, temperature compensated, high-precision
  • Customized finish – unit sold in white but can be painted or wallpapered on site to match existing décor
  • Heavy-duty back-box – made of heavy-duty, galvanized steel
  • High Performance Lighting– includes two MR16 halogen lamps; power range from 2x12W up to 2x50W
  • Also available as a remote fixture; see Remote Fixtures section of this catalogue
  • Patent-pending design

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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