Survive-All™ LPEX600-N Series

NEMA-4X Certified Combo Units

The Survive-All™ LPEX600-N Series offers the choice of 5 watt, high-efficiency white LED lamp heads or an MR16 light source. With an impressive illumination of the path of egress, the Survive-All™ LPEX600-N Series is designed for use in a wide range of applications, specifically high abuse areas, wet and cold locations (-40°C).


  • NEMA-4X certified for wall or ceiling mount
  • NSF certified for food processing
  • High efficiency MR16 lamps up to 12V, 12W or white LED emergency lights
  • Continuous self-diagnostic monitoring and monthly self-testing
  • Fully automatic charger is solid state
  • Non-intrusive magnetic test switch
  • Cold weather (-40°C) option
  • Comes standard with tamper proof screw

Emergency Ballast Manuals

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